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From: Jake Toksmer
Subject: College and Grad School 2Sorry there’s no sex this time either… I seem to be writing slower than I
expected and putting in a lot more detail than I had originally planned.
Next time, I promise…Chapter 2: Things ChangeJeremy was constantly coming up to Dave’s and my room. We didn’t mind -
like I said, we always had our door open. Anyway, he’d come up to watch
tv, share pizza, play video games, get a gym/running partner… all the
usual stuff. It was nice having him around, but it really tore me up to
look at him each time he came in and wish I could rip off that shirt and
passionately kiss him.I know he had noticed my body. We shared some workout routines we did and
kind of encouraged one another. Based on how he responded to my
compliments about how he looked, he wasn’t used to getting that. I was
inhibition-free when it came to complimenting someone else’s body, and with
Jeremy, those compliments surely flowed.He had eventually grown comfortable with hanging out in our room when he
wasn’t wearing a shirt, or jeans for that matter. He’d come up in just his
boxers and sit for a while, sometimes hours. This Preteen Panties didn’t faze Dave a bit;
he - and the rest of my friends, for that matter - was already used to me
lacking a shirt or pants, hanging out just in my underwear (and I didn’t
own boxers - always have worn briefs or trunks).Anyway, I kept enjoying the eye candy yet yearning for something to happen.
Anything, really. But I did pretty much give up the hope of anything
happening between us, even though he and his girlfriend had broken up (as
Dave and I predicted, since it was long-distance and she was still in high
school).About six weeks went by and nothing had happened, and almost like clockwork
he came upstairs one afternoon to ask Dave and I if we wanted to go to
dinner. Dave was on his way out the door for some meeting, but I said I
could go after I took a shower (I had just come back from kicking the
soccer ball around with some friends out on the soccer field). He said
that was cool, he had to run to the post office and check his mail. We
agreed to be ready to go in twenty minutes and he took off. I showered,
got dressed, and sat down waiting for him to come back by my room. And I
sat. And sat. And sat.After about thirty minutes after he should have been back, I went
downstairs to his room. It was slightly ajar and I walked in, calling out
and asking him if he was ready. His room was oddly shaped - a small
hallway led from the door to the room, so Preteen Panties I had to walk about ten feet
before I turned the corner into his main living area.He was sitting in his chair, crying.”Oh my God, what’s wrong??” I more or less shouted as I ran over and pulled
him out of the chair and Preteen Panties embraced him. I just hugged him close to me and
he started bawling again. This was not what I wanted to happen - this was
not how I wanted to get close to him, but he certainly needed comforting,
and that’s all I could do.He put his arms around me as I held him, shuddering from crying so much. I
kissed him lightly on the top of his forehead and just kept holding him.
It was a good ten minutes more before he had calmed down enough and was
breathing normally again. He sobbed a bit, pulled back, blew his nose, and
sat on the floor. I sat next to him and put my arm around his shoulders
and sat there. Dinner could wait.It had to have been 30 minutes or so when he finally started talking. He
said he had gone down to get his mail and found a letter from his
ex-girlfriend’s mother. She had written to tell him that regardless of the
break-up between him and her daughter, he’d always be welcome at their
house and he’s a great person and how much she always liked him. It had
really upset him because it meant that his ex-girlfriend had told her mom
the break-up was her fault, although, he said, it was entirely his.”She’s really sweet, and really pretty. But I couldn’t keep dating her.
It just wasn’t right,” he said. He teared up a little and said, “She was
so mad when I broke up with her. I just knew it was going to be this
terrible thing; that she was going to tell everyone everything and I didn’t
know what to do… I, just, I… I don’t know…”"Don’t worry about it, Jeremy…everything’s going to be okay…” I said.”No, it’s not. I just don’t know what to do. I… I…” and he started to
tear up again.”Shh. It’s going to be okay.”He nodded, got up, and grabbed a Kleenex to blow his nose. He went down
the hall to the bathroom and splashed some water on his face, trying to
make it look as though he hadn’t been crying for ages. He didn’t succeed
very well, but as it was a good long walk to where we were eating, he said
he’d probably look pretty normal by the time we Preteen Panties got there. I told him we
could wait, or go someplace else, or order something in, but he wanted to
get out and walk around.We walked across campus, ran into some of my friends, and had a nice normal
dinner. He looked fine by the time we got there and I didn’t worry about
how upset he had been. We walked back towards our dorm and everything was
cool. He was back in his cheerful mood and I asked him if he wanted to
come up and watch some tv with me and Dave, but he said he’d rather spend
some time by himself. I said that was fine, walked him to his dorm room,
and he turned around and hugged me. It was a big, full-on hug and he just
said, “Thanks.”"Don’t worry about it Preteen Panties
- anytime you need to talk or anything, just let me
know. I’m here…” I said.He thanked me again, and went into his room. I went upstairs and started
watching the Simpsons. I think there were two episodes on because that’s
all I remember being on tv for what felt like Preteen Panties a long time. Anyway, after
almost an hour the phone rang. It was Jeremy, asking me if I’d come
downstairs. He wanted to talk.I thought it was odd he had called, Preteen Panties
but went downstairs to his room. I
went inside and sat down on the floor next to him. He said he didn’t come
upstairs because he didn’t want Dave to hear what he had to say. I pretty
much knew what was coming, but let him go at his own pace - this wasn’t
something to be rushed.He said he had broken up with his ex-girlfriend because he was gay. He had
been fighting it since before he came to college, but since he had arrived
it had been hard for him to fight it any more.”I see all these hot guys everywhere… and you! There are lots of times
when I go upstairs hoping you’re going to be sitting there in your
underwear watching tv,” he said, and half-giggled as it was how he more
often than not found me.What was going through my mind at this point! Wow! Not only was this guy
I’d been lusting after coming out to me, but he was also telling me he was
attracted to me, too - well, at least attracted to my body. But he went
on, as many of us have done when we’ve come out to someone:”I won’t come upstairs anymore… I know you don’t want to be hanging
aroun-”I kissed him. I wasn’t going to let him finish that statement, because it
was immaterial. I kissed him for what seemed like ages, until we finally
came up for air.He stared at me for a couple of seconds, and then said, “What the hell?”I laughed. I told him I had been slightly (well, more than slightly)
infatuated with him since school began, but when he had said he had a
girlfriend I had backed off. I didn’t want him to feel awkward and had
tried to put it out of my mind because I valued his friendship, but that I
had thought a lot about him and kissing him and holding him. I neglected
to say I had thought about having sex with him - didn’t want to scare him
off too quickly, right?I told him not to worry about anything.”I said everything was going to be okay, remember?”He looked really relieved and really happy. The gorgeous smile he had
showed itself and I kissed him again, more passionately. But we didn’t
keep this up for long. We heard his foreigner roommate messing with the
key in the door, and I stood up to leave. His roommate came in and I
wished Jeremy a good night. He walked me to the door down that little
hallway and gave me a quick peck as I left.I went upstairs to my room, elated that I had kissed this gorgeous Preteen Panties guy. I
walked into my room and crashed into my chair, beaming the whole time.
Dave wasn’t back yet and I could just sit back and dream about what had
just happened. Before long I decided to go take a shower, specifically so
I could jack off before my roommate got back. I went down the hall,
thought about what had just occurred and what I wanted to do, and before
long I was rock solid and jacking off. I came pretty quickly and finished
up my shower, going back to my room.Dave had come back and was studying. I put on some underwear and pajama
bottoms started working on one of my assignments. It was all I could do to
read that book without my thoughts wandering to Jeremy. When I went to bed
a couple hours later, my dreams were very, very pleasant.
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